Yoga Moves For Sciatica Pain

I will occasionally experience a pretty bat bout of sciatica pain.  I can always feel it coming on, it starts as a “tired” feeling in the very lowest part of my back.

​ If I don’t get it taken care of right away, the “tired” feeling quickly gives way to pain.  And then the pain spreads rapidly down one hip or the other.  Before I know it, my whole leg is in excruciating, numbing, pain.

What is Sciatica?

​This refers to pain that is caused when the sciatica nerve is being compressed.  Often it is caused as a result of a degenerated vertebral disc.

Sciatica is the symptom.​ To fix the pain we’ve got to treat the problem. Yoga can not only help re-align the spine and relieve the pressure that is causing the pain, it can also strengthen the body to prevent future problems.

Caution: Yoga Can Make Sciatica Worse

The trick is to avoid yoga moves that will further inflame the sciatic nerve. To that end, it is recommended that you avoid forward bending yoga moves.

Furthermore, it is key to breathe deeply . Yoga can help with sciatica, but only if you go slowly. ​

​In this article I want to give you a brief overview of some of the yoga moves that have helped me. The videos I include are especially helpful.  Remember, if you are ready to end your chronic back pain, you may wish to check out our full spinal therapy course.

Complete Yoga Therapy For Sciatica

A good course of yoga is going to start with basic movement.  You want to limber up the muscles and fascia in the area that you are about to work on.  Getting them loose and moveable is key for the future exercises that we are about to do.

From there you will really need to pay attention to ​movements that can open up the hips, release the lower back, and improve mobility of the thoracic spine.

Often, I have to post several videos in order to help display all of the movements.  In this case, these two videos are extremely thorough and do a great job at covering all of the yoga moves that could possibly help your back.

I’ll be honest, by the time I was done with the first video, I wasn’t that impressed.  However, it warmed up all of the proper muscles so that your body is more than ready for “part 2″. And that is where the magic happens.

They are synergistic.  You really need to follow both videos to get the full effect. ​


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