Back Pain In Lower Right Side

Sometimes back pain is only localized to the right side.  As with our article on lower left side back pain, the trick is to identify whether you are experiencing some type of organ pain, a pinched nerve or just muscle tension.

If your pain does not go away with treatment, you would do well to get a professional opinion.  In a worst case scenario, right side back pain could be related to disorders such as:

  • Gallstones
  • Kidney Stones
  • Inflamed Colon
  • A Tumor
  • Urinary Tract Infection

That last item is especially notable.  Andy Whitfield — the lead actor in Spartacus — experienced steadily worsening lower right back pain for a long time.  Thinking it was an over-training injury he ignored it, only to later learn that it was a tumor growing on his spine.  Sadly, he passed away in 2011.

If you are experiencing right side back pain, it is likely because of a muscle imbalance, muscle strain or spinal misalignment.

I want to suggest 3 techniques and stretches that you can do to try to treat spinal misalignment and damaged muscle. As always, the information provided hear is for entertainment purposes only.  For true treatment, you need to seek professional care — especially if the back pain does not improve immediately.

That said, hopefully these ​techniques will help you get through the weekend and get that relief you need.  I have used them myself, and have found that with regular practice I can permanently eliminate this pain.

Align Your Hips

For so many of us, our sedentary lives and job styles cause our hip flexors to shorten.  Shorter hip flexors make us better at sitting, but it make is much easier to throw our hips out.  Basically, is that these actually cause our pelvis to tilt forward.

Our pelvis is our anchor of strength.  It is our foundation.  And once this is tilted out of balance, it becomes very easy for for the smallest thing to throw our back out.

Often our hips are the biggest problem.If we can align those, the pain releases immediately.

Weirdly enough, the hips are super easy to adjust.  Just watch this video:​

Treat The Sciatica

The Sciatica nerve is one of the largest nerves in your body.  And if it gets even slightly pinched, it will have you in so much pain that you simply cannot walk. I’ve had it start as a lower right side back pain and then, in a matter of hours, flare into  a numb, tingly leg.

My chiropractor is hard to get into, so I found some yoga moves for my sciatica .  When it is really bad, I end up spending close to an hour over the course of a day practicing these moves.  However, I have been able to fix the sciatica every time.

I’ve had a couple of friends with similar sciatica problems, and they too were able to get relief from these moves.

Even if you don’t have sciatica pain, these yoga moves target the lower back and hip are that cause so much of that right-side back pain. So I recommend trying them.  They really do release the body.

​Here are two videos that demonstrate all of the moves:

Align The Spine

body champ best selling inversion table for disc painAfter practicing the yoga moves in the videos above, you are likely going to be feeling stronger and straighter than you’ve been for awhile.Hopefully, the back pain is already starting to lessen.

Another technique that you’ve seen me mention on this site is to use an inversion table.  I’ve found my inversion table to be one of the best investments I have made for helping to keep my back straight. ​

The way an inversion table works is by flipping your body upside down.  The weight of your body stretches the spine and decompresses the discs, letting fluid flow in between the vertebrae, and relieving pressure. ​

If you combine your daily use of the inversion table with regular yoga, the spinal vertebra are able to easily slide over one another and ​re-adjust to their optimal, balanced positions.

In addition, all of this stretching and exercising will stretch out the strengthen the muscles, helping to remove knots, and strengthening the back against further injury.

Frankly, I’ve been really impressed by how immediate the pain relief is, and I really wish more people had access to these machines.  ​

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As the spinal cord re-aligns, the muscles pull on each other evenly and corrects those overworked muscles that are being aggravated in your lower right-side back.

This can also help pull slipped discs back into position and relieve crimped nerves that are causing your pain.

Finally, if you choose to use our spinal therapy training, the inversion table will only help enhance your results. ​


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