How To Stretch Your Spine For Pain Relief And Added Height

How To Stretch Your Spine For Pain Relief And Added Height

stretching the spine solves many areas of back painBy the time we are in our mid-twenties, we have already spent a significant part of our time working in one career.  College students have sat in way too many classes.  Working men have lifted way to many things the wrong way. And desk jockeys have already thrown their back out more than they want.

At the base of all of these injuries is the spine.  Having a super-healthy spine can eliminate back pain and make you much more resilient for what life throws at you.

Furthermore, many of us actually have spines where the discs are degenerating and sliding on one another, causing incredible pain. Stretching your spine can help you correct this and get those discs to come back into line.

Finally, spine stretches can easily add 1″ to your height.  I don’t know a single one of us that wouldn’t mind being a little bit taller. ​

However the range of motion with the spine is much less than you will see with many other joints.  So how are you going to stretch your spine?​

Stretching Exercises To Make You Taller

back stretches to lengthen spineTouch Your Toes: This is probably one of the most critical stretches.  And it is so simple.  What is excellent about this stretch is that it not only helps to lengthen the spine, it stretches the glute muscles and helps to release tense glutes that are likely throwing your back out of whack.

The Cat/Cow Yoga Stretch: This move is a very gentle movement that is key for opening up your spine.  Frankly, it may not feel like you are doing much.  What it is doing is helping those discs slide along one another to encourage them to open up and re-align. ​

​Side Leans: These help work on sideways mobility, while simultaneously helping to stretch your spine in ways that it is not normally stretched. This lateral movement can also really help protect your body from injury. It’s an excellent way to help open that space between your spinal vertebrae and help improve ciruclation to damaged areas.

Inversion And Traction Stretches The Spine Wonderfully

body champ best selling inversion table for disc painSomething that I have experienced excellent results with recently is traction or inversion therapy.  These techniques actually require you to flip your body upside down and allows gravity to pull on your body and stretch your spine.

In a way it all makes sense.  A soldier carrying 200 pounds across the desert will be 2″ shorter at the end of their hike than they were at the beginning. Astronauts grow taller in outerspace.

The trick is to find away for gravity to reverse the damage it has caused.

When you lay upside, down, the vertebrae are separated so that ​fluid can rush in between the discs. With consistent use. some users have even seen slipped discs regain their proper position and almost all users have incredible testimonies to share about significant pain relief.

For myself, I was slow to try one, but, once I did, I was an instant convert.  Most people only say to use it for 2-3 minutes a day, but I like to lay on mine longer. The effects seems to be more lasting for me.

Below is a video that demonstrates how Inversion tables can stretch your spine:.  In addition, the “see more” button on the right of the screen will take you to the inversion table that I feel is the best value for the money where you can read more reviews.


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